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Sweet Success

Nothing makes Scoops happier than starting a sweet new project. She just isn’t the best at completing them.

When Scoops realizes her gift isn't ready for the Cherry twins’ surprise birthday bash, she waffles about whether to go. With the party happening that same day, Scoops quickly throws something together only to find her gift doesn’t quite measure up.

Will Scoops play it cool and figure something out, or will she have a complete meltdown?

Harper Collins, 2018


Sweet Competition

For this pair of twin cherries, everything is a competition. If Girl Cherry can swing higher, Boy Cherry will boast that he can swing lower. If one is smarter, then the other is cooler. So when they enter a contest to build the best dessert ever, they immediately pit themselves against each other. But when you’re attached at the stem, there’s only so much you can do on your own. Things could be easy as pie—so to speak—if they put aside their differences and join forces. Will Boy Cherry and Girl Cherry cream the competition by working together…or will one try to be the cherry on top?

With loveable characters and laugh-out-loud situations, Sweet Competition is the perfect addition to any child’s bookshelf. After all, there’s always room for dessert!

Harper Collins, 2016