Welcome to the world of Cuddles and Rage! Here you can follow the disturbingly cute adventures of Snuggle City. Everybody and everything in Snuggle City has feelings. Seriously. The world is full of lots of love and a little bit of good ol' fashion evil.

Be on the lookout for new hand-drawn comics every Monday and sculpted dioramas each Wednesday.


Who creates Cuddles and Rage?

Liz & Jimmy Reed are the husband and wife team behind Cuddles and Rage. We started drawing during bar trivia in 2010 and decided to turn our doodles into a webcomic. We love working together and enjoy sharing creativity. Plus, we like to talk about food A LOT.

So how do you work together?

It’s like one big melting pot of creativity. Liz does most of the sculpting as Jimmy is allergic to clay!! Excuses, excuses… We both draw and design the characters. Jimmy takes the lead on coloring everything. He likes to color. It’s pretty adorable.

Do you ever disagree?

Yes! We’ve disagreed on some hard-hitting issues, like:

  • Should pancakes have moustaches?
  • Why are cupcakes superior to muffins?
  • Why doesn’t Middle-Aged Pig wear pants?

How do you make the dioramas?

Our dioramas are made out of polymer clay and dollhouse furniture. Each character is hand sculpted and placed in a scene with miniature props. We are obsessed with hunting for new miniatures and can frequently be found digging around at hobby stores and antique malls. The best prop we have now is a mini chainsaw. Adorable!

How long does it take you to make a diorama?

They can take between 3 and 8 hours to create from beginning to end. It depends on how detailed the scene is and if we’re able to prevent our cat, Kio, from knocking everything down Godzilla-style.

Can I post your comics/dioramas on my website?

Yes! We only ask that you please attribute the post to CuddlesAndRage.com.

Which artists do you follow?

There are so many amazing artists out there!! We own a TON of art because we love to surround ourselves with inspiration. A few of the artists we adore are Scott C, Olly Moss, Zac Gorman, Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Nan Lawson, Robbie and Bobby, and Buttersafe.

Are you available for commissions?

Heck yeah! We frequently get requests to do custom sculpts and dioramas. We are up for the challenge to sculpt anything except for licensed brands (unless you are the brand, to which we say “BRING IT!”). Write to us at cuddlesandrage@gmail.com for inquiries.

Do you guys have other sites?

Of course! Part of being creative team also means having an outlet to run free and express who you are as an individual as well. Jimmy has a blog called “I Am Lamarocket.” He posts some of his art and all his geeky fandom. Liz has a podcast called “People I Think Are Cool” where she interviews anybody and anything! She also writes fun comedy articles for the Huffington Post.