Cuddles and Rage is a mixed media webcomic about the disturbingly cute adventures of the food and animals living in Snuggle City. Be on the lookout for new hand-drawn comics every Monday and sculpted dioramas each Wednesday!


Who creates Cuddles and Rage?

Liz & Jimmy Reed are the husband and wife team behind Cuddles and Rage. We started drawing during bar trivia in 2010 and decided to turn our doodles into a webcomic. We love working together and enjoy sharing creativity. Plus, we like to talk about food A LOT.

So how do you work together?

We both write for the comic. Jimmy is the lead on creating new characters and design. Liz handles the final comic drawing and sculpting.

Do you ever disagree?

Yes! We’ve disagreed on some hard-hitting issues, like:

  • Should pancakes have moustaches?
  • Why are cupcakes superior to muffins?
  • Why doesn’t Middle-Aged Pig wear pants?

How do you make the dioramas?

Our dioramas are made out of polymer clay and dollhouse furniture. Each character is hand sculpted and placed in a scene with miniature props. We are obsessed with hunting for new miniatures and can frequently be found digging around at hobby stores and antique malls. The best prop we have now is a mini chainsaw. Adorable!

How long does it take you to make a diorama?

They can take between 3 and 8 hours to create from beginning to end. It depends on how detailed the scene is and if we’re able to prevent our cat, Kio, from knocking everything down Godzilla-style.

Can I post your comics/dioramas on my website?

Yes! We only ask that you please attribute the post to


  • Dr. Taquito

    Snuggle City’s favorite serial killer. He loves spending quiet nights alone in his basement chopping up salads and watching home videos.

  • Peanut

    Dr. Taquito’s number one torture victim. When she isn’t gagged and tied up in Dr. Taquito’s basement, you can find her hanging out with her lover, Hippo, or daughter, Pippo Nut.

  • Hippo

    A food addict and loving father of two. He tries to be friends with everyone, but often finds his aggressive appetite can get in the way of his relationships. Baby Hippo and Pippo Nut are his offspring.

  • Baby Hippo

    The adorable son of Hippo. He is a curious youngster always looking for new adventures and isn’t afraid to ask hard-hitting questions.

  • Pippo Nut

    The awkward love child of Hippo and Peanut.

  • Middle-Aged Pig

    A pantless pig who wishes he had a friend. He enjoys the simple things in life and is usually in bed by 9pm.

  • Unicorn

    As a rare creature to Snuggle City, Unicorn believes everyone owes him something. His favorite dish is grilled Mermaid.

  • Rainbows

    An invasive species native to Snuggle City. They are very aggressive and should never be approached. If you do catch one, grind it up and make some glitter!

  • Mr. Pea

    Owner of the local black market grocery store. He is best known for selling rainbows and unicorn dreams.

  • Susan, Tami, & Kip (Corn Dog Drama)

    A complicated love triangle involving three corn dogs and lots of ketchup! Kip is a no-good cheatin’ dog who keeps stepping out on his wife Susan for the toasty Tami.

  • Meowf

    A loving mutt based on our dog London.

  • Kitty

    Based on our cat, Kio Kitty Face. Kitty proves that cats are evil.

  • Bob

    A happy-go-lucky cupcake looking for a friend.

  • Captain Cupcake

    An adventurous pastry that has sailed the seven seas. Captain Cupcake lost his eye by a toothpick while being tested for doneness.

  • Whale Cat

    A half-whale, half-cat creature from the depths of the ocean. Captured Whale Cats are sometimes sold illegally at pet stores across Snuggle City.

  • Snuggle City

    Home to Cuddles and Rage. Crime is high, but we hear the food is good.