Peach Fuzz

Lovingly posted on March 2, 2015

Sadly, this did happen to me when I started shaving my legs. Nobody told me that you should "lightly" place the razor against your ankle. Future & current Moms, don't forget to mention this when teaching your awesome daughters how to shave. It scarred me for life. No. Seriously. I still have the scar on my ankle, AND it scared me so much that I used an electric razor through most of high school. Lucky for Jimmy, he did not have this issue when learning to shave his manly beard face.

Now lets transition from "ew gross" to "oh so cute!" Our Hero Complex Gallery piece "Anybody Want a Peanut?" is now available on their site. Andre the Giant was one of the coolest people, and we loved getting to sculpt his likeness for their "Quotes, Lines & Lyrics" show.