What's in a Name?

Lovingly posted on September 1, 2014

With names like Elizabeth and James, we've pretty much been called everything in the book. For me I get Liz, Lizzie, Beth, Bethie, Eliza, but I've never gotten Betsy. That one always sticks out as the odd duckling of Elizabeth nicknames.

Jimmy gets Jim, Jimmers, Jimbo (maybe not really), and of course just plain old James. It always feels way too proper to call him James when you get to know him really well.

We've all met people who correct you when you say Chris instead of Christopher. I always want to know why! I know that seems a little weird and rude to be like, "You have to tell me why Chris gets on your nerves?" but I genuinely like knowing the story behind a name. It says so much about who you are.

On a side note, Jimmy and I decided this coffee manager is just plain sexist!