Toast Your Buns

Lovingly posted on March 26, 2014

We are counting down to grilling weather. Right now, we have snow in our yard, but we know that one day we will be outside smelling some veggie dogs on the grill...once we actually buy a grill.

This week is bananas! The good kind of bananas. We are in high gear preparing for MoCCA. We can't believe it is only two weekends away.

Pack your bags and head to New York and come see us. MoCCA is one of our favorite events. You can find some of the best indie comics in the world there and crazy good artists. The best part of going to MoCCA is discovering something new. We love heading back to D.C. on the train and checking out all of our great finds from the weekend. It's better than ice cream (and we take our ice cream seriously!).

We will be posting on our blog updates on what we are making up to MoCCA and artists buddies we are excited to see. Don't forget to check for updates there throughout the week.